Singapore FitFooters

Join Singapore FitFooters for a 3-hour fitness and food experience that comprises a 45-minute overall body fitness workout at Gardens By The Bay, one of the top places to soak in the sights here in Singapore. This is followed by a comfortable brisk walk or jog around the entire garden grounds covering Marina Reservoir, Barrage, Conservatories and then through the Supertrees towards Chinatown.

Along the way, we will stop at a few Hawker Centres in the old and new quarters of Chinatown to savour some popular local breakfast choices like Butter Kaya Toast, Roti Prata, Dough Fritters, as well as other local culinary delights.

Marina Bay Reservoir

Super Trees at Gardens By The Bay

This fun filled sporty activity commences at 6.30am and will provide you with a unique experience of an exhilarating workout within one of the top sights in Singapore. Furthermore, you will also be indulging in our local hawker market food while immersing yourself in the neighbourhood of Chinatown. This not only fulfills your exercise regime away from home, it also gives you a very good introduction to one of the most prominent places in Singapore. At the same time, it enables you to soak in the atmosphere of everyday living of the local community. Transportation from your hotel and back is fully provided so that you will have a hassle free experience.

The entire fitness and food experience costs USD80 per person and would last about 3 hours. Please take note that this also includes pick-up and drop off at your hotel to Gardens By The Bay.

Marina Park

For more information about the time slots and itinerary, or if you have any enquiries, please go on to our Enquiry Form.