Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish)

Singapore Hawker Centre Food Tasting & Sampling Neighbourhood Walking Tours - Steamed Pork with Salted FishSteamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish

This is a very popular and extremely tasty Singaporean home cooked dish that is quick and easy to prepare and can be found in many hawker centers. Minced pork (or chicken) are mixed well together with some fat which provides that springy texture. It is then marinated with Chinese wine, sesame oil, soya sauce and steamed for a few minutes. When cooked, it is then garnished with chopped spring onion, shredded ginger and sliced chilli and served with toppings of salted fish. The full flavours of this dish make it go really well when eaten with a serving of white rice.

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Salted Vegetables & Duck Soup)

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Tasting Sampling Tours Salted Vegetables & Duck SoupSalted Vegetables & Duck Soup

This is a Chinese “giam chye ark” and Peranakan “itek tim” duck soup recipe that uses preserved salted mustard greens and duck meat as the main ingredients. The salted vegetables are firstly soaked to remove most of its salt content before being used. What gives this dish the exciting dimensions of flavours is that the soup is cooked for a length of time with a recipe of salted vegetables, Chinese preserved sour plums, tomatoes, tamarind slices, peppercorns, ginger and duck until its meat becomes soft and tender. The overall result is a tasty and refreshing soup that is sweet, salty, sour and peppery.

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Putu Piring)

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Tasting Sampling Tours Putu PiringPutu Piring

Putu Piring is a Malay snack or dessert of Sri Lankan and South Indian origins that is a type of circular steamed ground rice cakes covering pure melted palm sugar in the centre, hence its name “rice flour plate“. Putu Piring is prepared by placing the ground rice flour in conical shaped funnels after which “gula melaka” or brown sugar (from Malacca in Malaysia) is put in the middle as its filling. It is then left to steam for a couple of minutes before served piping hot with a generous portion of slightly salted grated coconut on pieces of banana leaf.