Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Mee Goreng With Mata Lembu)

Singapore Hawker Centre Food Tasting Sampling Neighbourhood Walking Tours - Mee GorengMee Goreng With Mata Lembu

Mee Goreng is a fried noodle dish that is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore with each of them done in their own special way that gives them their unique tastes. The Singapore version of this dish uses yellow noodles that is fried with garlic, onions, green chillis, diced tomatoes, chilli paste, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, egg, potatoes and minced mutton. This flavourful and spicy dish is then served with a side serving of sliced cucumber and ketchup. The entire taste of the dish can be further enhanced by the addition of a ‘mata lembu’ or bull’s eye egg placed on top, whereby the runny yolk is mixed and eaten together with the noodles.