Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Chwee Kueh)

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Chwee kueh or “water rice cake” is a type of steamed rice cake that is a popular and favourite breakfast dish or snack among many locals. It is made up of a mixture of rice flour and water placed in aluminium saucer cup-shaped mounds and steamed. When cooked, the bowl-like shaped rice cakes are then topped and served with fried diced preserved radish or ‘chye poh’ and chilli paste. The saltiness and sweetness of the ‘chye poh’ complements the subtle flavours of the rice cakes.


Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Wanton Noodles)

Singapore Hawker Centre Food Sampling Tasting Neighbourhood Walking Tours Wanton Noodles

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Tasting Sampling Tours Wanton NoodlesWanton Noodles

Wanton Noodles or “Meat Dumpling Noodles” has no particular style of preparation as it all depends on the dialect group of the stall owner that is selling them. However, this noodle dish is usually served with barbequed pork slices or “Char Siew“, lard pieces, special sauces including chilli and garnished with leafy vegetables that is usually “Cai-Xin” (Mustard Leaves) or “Kai-Lan” (Chinese Kale). As it is usually eaten dry with chilli, it also comes with a side serving of bite-sized pork dumplings in a hot broth. Sometimes, the stalls even serve it with another kind of dumplings called “shui jiao” that consists of a mix of pork, prawns and sometimes chicken with mushroom or even fried wantons instead.