Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Fish Meat Bee Hoon Soup with Milk)

Singapore Hawker Centre Food Tasting & Sampling Neighbourhood Walking Tours - Fish Meat Bee Hoon SoupFish Meat Bee Hoon Soup with Milk

Fish Head/Meat Bee Hoon with Milk is a Singaporean soup-based noodle dish that uses either snakehead, pomfret, batang or garoupa cooked together with bee hoon or rice vermicelli in a rich and tasty broth. This dish is available in a choice of fried or plain fish head pieces or fish slices/chunks and served in a soup made out of fish stock derived from cooking fish bones for many hours. Other ingredients like vegetables, fried shallots, anchovies and Chinese wine are also added to the soup to enhance the overall flavour of the dish. For those who enjoy a more creamier soup texture, evaporated milk can also be requested to be mixed and cooked together with the soup.

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Gallery (Steamed Fish Head with Fermented Black Bean Sauce)

Singapore Foodsters Hawker Centre Food Tasting Sampling Tours Fish Head with Plum and Black Bean SauceSteamed Fish Head with Black Bean Sauce

Fish head is commonly seen as a delicacy in Asia and they are often widely cooked in curries, soups and stir fry dishes. It is also highly nutritional due to the good fat and collagen found in areas like the gills and cheek of the fish. In this particular dish, the fish head is steamed together with fermented black beans, soy sauce, garlic, Chinese wine and garnished with cut chilli padis and spring onions. When eaten together with white rice, the result is a pleasantly sweet and salty balance of flavours that comes from the good combination of black beans, soya sauce and briny freshness of the fish.